Terms and Conditions



“VNC” stands for Vaal Networking Consultants

“Contention Ratio” Means how likley that you share your Line speed with other people

“Asymmetrical” when you upload is 10% of your download “Symmetrical” when your download and upload is the same

“F.U.P” Fair Usage Policy

Equipment and Software Except for Equipment that you have fully paid for, all Equipment installed or provided by us remains our property and you agree that: you will take reasonable care with such Equipment; you may not sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, assign or encumber such Equipment; you may not re-locate such Equipment without our knowledge and permission; you will inform any landlord that such Equipment is owned by VNC and therefore not subject to any landlord’s hypothec; and you will return such Equipment to us at your own expense upon termination of the services to which the Equipment related. If such Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged or sold, leased, mortgaged, transferred, assigned, encumbered or not returned, you agree to pay us the reasonable value of such Equipment, together with any costs incurred by us in seeking possession of such Equipment. You authorize us and our representatives to enter or have access to your premises as reasonably necessary, at mutually agreed upon times, to install, maintain, inspect, repair or remove the Equipment or to maintain, investigate, protect, modify or improve the operation of our services or our facilities.

Home Uncapped Internet 1 to 20 Contention Ratio (Asymmetrical) Home Uncapped Internet are subject to a fair usage policy (F.U.P). The fair usage is calculated based on the speed of the line. Once you reach the fair usage limit your line speed will be reduced, additional data can be added or the product can be upgraded to an Advanced or when the calendar month had reset. Fair Usage on Home Uncapped Products. When your F.U.P is reached, your account will be downgraded to 50% of your total speed.

Speed F.U.P Monthly           

1Meg 100 Gig

2Meg, 200 Gig

4Meg 400 Gig

10Meg 500 Gig

15Meg 600 Gig

20Meg 1000 Gig

Advanced Uncapped Wireless Internet 1 to 2 Contention Ratio (Asymmetrical) Advanced Wireless is proper Uncapped Internet for home and business with no fair Usage Policy.

Premium Uncapped Wireless Internet 1 to 1 Contention Ratio (Symmetrical) Premium Wireless is mainly for business that require Upload as they require download and with additional Business Protocols and firewall protection.

Indemnity You hereby unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify VNC and agree to indemnify and hold VNC harmless against all loss, damages, claims, liability and/or costs, of whatsoever nature, howsoever and when so-ever arising, suffered or incurred by VNC as a result of any claim instituted against VNC by a third party (other than you) as a result of (without limitation): your use of our services or products other than as allowed or prescribed in the Agreement; any other cause whatsoever relating to the Agreement or the provision of services or products to you where you have acted wrongfully or failed to act when you had a duty to so act.

Commencement, Duration, Termination The Agreement will commence on the Acceptance Date and endure indefinitely until it is cancelled as provided for in this clause 2, or otherwise provided in this Agreement. In the event that the product or service you have applied for is not activated within 30 (thirty) days of the Acceptance Date (or such extended period as VNC may advise) due to an Uncontrollable Event, the Agreement will automatically terminate and no party shall have any liability to the other as a result of such termination.

Fixed Term Agreements You may cancel the Agreement either on the expiry of the fixed period (“Initial Fixed Period”) selected in the Application Form (such Initial Fixed Period calculated from the Activation Date) or on at least 30 Business Days written notice to VNC at any time prior to the expiry of the Initial Fixed Period.

Payment Billing will commence on the Activation Date for Cash Clients and Debit order clients and will be billed post paid. You agree to pay all amounts due under this Agreement in consideration for a service or product in accordance with the Application Form under which that service is rendered or that product is offered. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all amounts due and payable in terms hereof shall be paid free of exchange and without deduction or set-off, by way of a direct debit order in favour of VNC (drawn against a current banking account nominated by you), or in such other manner as VNC may from time to time determine. You agree that: VNC will be entitled and authorized to draw all outstanding amounts payable in terms of the Agreement, repairs and equipment from the account specified by you (or any other bank or branch to which it may be transferred); the debit order will commence on the Activation Date and will continue and not be revoked until termination of this Agreement or until all amounts due and owing to VNC have been fully and finally discharged; you will sign all such forms and do all such things as may be necessary to give effect to the debit order as contemplated in this clause Your first bill may be for part of a month and you will be charged for the number of days left in the month in which you signed up or switched over, plus the subscription for the next month

Amendment of this agreement VNC reserves the right to amend this agreement from time to time. Any new version of the Agreement will be displayed on our Website together with the date on which it will become effective, which will never be less than 30 (thirty) days after the date on which it is first published. It is your obligation to visit our web site on a regular basis in order to determine whether any amendments have been made.

General The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement constitutes the whole of the agreement between them and that no other agreements, guarantees, undertakings or representations, either verbal or in writing, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement not incorporated in this Agreement shall be binding on the parties. No changes or cancellation of this Agreement by you, including any changes to the Application Form will be binding on any of the parties unless recorded in writing and signed by both parties, notwithstanding activation of the service. You agree that any notices we send to you in terms of any agreement concluded between us may be sent via e-mail unless otherwise prescribed by law. You warrant that as at the date of signature of the Application Form, all the details furnished by you to VNC are true and correct and that you will notify VNC in the event of any change to such detail

Security Violations Customers are responsible for ensuring and maintaining security of their systems and the machines that connect to and use IP Service(s), including implementation of necessary patches and operating system updates. IP Services may not be used to interfere with, gain unauthorized access to, or otherwise violate the security of VNC (or another party’s) server, network, network access, personal computer or control devices, software or data, or other system, or to attempt to do any of the foregoing. System or network security violations shall include, but are not limited to: • unauthorized monitoring, scanning or probing of network or system or any other action aimed at the unauthorized interception of data or harvesting of e-mail • addresses, hacking, attacking, gaining access to, breaching, security of any host, network, server, • personal computer, network access and control devices, software or data without express authorization of the owner of the system or network; • impersonating others or secretly or deceptively obtaining personal information of third parties (phishing, etc.); • using any program, file, script, command or transmission of any message or content of any kind, designed to interfere with a terminal protocols.

Sosial Media Customers will reframe from posting any negative, hateful or defamation of VNC services that will negative impact VNC image. Customers will be immediately removed from the Network

POPI Act By Signing you agree and acknowledge that all information you provided, whether personal or otherwise, may be used and processed by Vaal Networking Consultants in accordance with the regulation’s terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013.We acknowledge the responsibility we have in taking care of your personal information